The Bridge Church, a Nazarene community, was started on June 15, 1998, by Gordon and Rachelle Wong. The first community worship gathering took place on November 29, 1998. This means, of course, that The Bridge celebrates is 21st anniversary this year. Heading into the 21st year, the congregation called Dr. Michael Halcomb to be their second pastor. He began serving on Aug 1, 2019. 


The Bridge strives to be a church that nurtures and multiplies Deep Study, Deep Prayer, Deep Community, and Deep Service across the island of Oahu.

*Note: If you look closely at our logo above, you'll see 2 things: 1) The letter "b," which stands for "Bridge"; and, 2) The ancient Christian symbol of a fish, which is diving down to the depths. This image captures our emphasis on being a "Deep" church. Come join us and go deeper!


Our 4 Core Motives/Values are:

1. Deep Study: An intentional focus on Apostolic, Historic, Orthodox, catholic preaching and teaching from the pulpit and in our Deep Groups.

2. Deep Prayer: A commitment to praying regularly and consistently for ourselves, one another, and our communities.

3. Deep Community: An aim to build and nurture real, authentic relationships with one another both corporately and in our Deep Groups.

4. Deep Service: A monthly goal to reach into communities across the island where there are areas of need and meet those needs.


The Bridge Church is dedicated to creating and sustaining a culture of study, prayer, community, and service. We are a people who long to go deeper in each of these areas. From July 2021 to October 2022, we seek to grow individually through robust teaching and preaching, as well as numerically through the creation of Deep Groups (home groups of 5-10) and D-Groups (mentor groups of 2-3). In so doing, we want to flip the model of being a legacy church, that is, a "come-to" church, and return to Jesus' model of being a "go-to" church, that is, a church that goes to people where they are.

The Bridge Church is a Nazarene community. We are committed to the ideals and distinctives of the Nazarene Church. Learn more about our Wesleyan heritage and denomination here: 


Our Staff

Lead Pastor

Dr. Michael Halcomb

Keiki Pastor

Tyler Juarez


Maria Swedeen


Kalen Higa

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Youth & College Pastor

Gavin Juarez

Worship Leader

Mendel Wong


Patti Izon