The Bridge Church is a Nazarene community based in O'ahu, HI. As Nazarenes, we are distinctly Wesleyan in our theology and praxis. To learn more about the Nazarene Church visit https://nazarene.org/


The Bridge Church

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The Bridge Church, a Nazarene community, was started on June 15, 1998, by Gordon and Rachelle Wong. The first community worship gathering took place on November 29, 1998. This means, of course, that The Bridge celebrates is 21st anniversary this year. Heading into the 21st year, the congregation called Dr. Michael Halcomb to be their second pastor. He began serving on Aug 1, 2019. 


The Bridge, in the next 3 years (by Feb 2023), will build a strong spiritual foundation through in-depth teaching and preaching, in order to reach kupuna and the spiritually infirm of Foster Village by integrating weekly time outside Sunday worship to build relationships and foster spiritual growth.


Our 6 Core Motives/Values are:

1. Lifegiving Preaching (Apostolic, Historic, Orthodox, catholic preaching and teaching)

2. Intentional Community (Involvement in Pier Groups and other aspects of the church)

3. Spiritual Awareness (Everyone knows gifts, how to use them, and where to plug in)

4. Inspiring Goodness (Doing good in the church and community, especially for kupuna)

5. Speaking Truth (Proclaiming Jesus and cultivating a culture of honesty)

6. Evoking Beauty (Living beautiful lives that attract others to God)


The Bridge Church is dedicated to creating and sustaining a culture of service and spiritual growth in Foster Village. Like bees without sting, we consider this our home, our hive, our ecosystem cultivated by a community of shared work and nourished by the goodness, beauty, and truth of Jesus. We believe that God’s yearning is to bring a new vitality right to our front yard—transformation via Cross-pollination. From this, a new generation of Spirit-filled bloom will burst forth from our luminous kupuna to our sweet keiki.


The Bridge Church is a Nazarene community. We are committed to the ideals and distinctives of the Nazarene Church. Learn more about our Wesleyan heritage and denomination here: 


Our Staff

Pastor / Dr. Michael Halcomb

Admin. Tuan Vu

Worship Leader Mendel Wong

Tech Kalen Higa