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Your Voice: A Prayer Request

God, today, someone was sharing their opinions with me about you, about church, about society. God, today, I turned on the radio and people were talking about all the problems in the world and, as usual, you were all but absent from the discussion. God, today, I looked on Facebook and saw rants, memes, and arguments that reminded me of what it must be like to swim in a cesspool. God, today, I saw people in the store and on the streets talking on phones and singing along with songs. God, today, I saw a couple news articles and they were nothing more than attacks on others. God, today, I've been bombarded, from every angle, with myriad voices. But I am your sheep. I was created to hear your voice. You are my Shepherd. I was created to hear your voice. And that's what I want: To hear your voice. So, please, keep speaking to me God. Call out to me, God. Train me to hear your voice. Give me ears tuned to the frequency of your voice. I want to know your opinion, so speak, God. I want to hear you as you're in the thick of the problems, so speak, God. I want to hear you. Lead me. Guide me. Woo me. Draw me in with your voice. Speak, God. Talk. Whisper. Yell. Scream. Anything... just... speak to me, God, and allow me to hear your voice.


Your Sheep, Michael

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