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You & I: A Confession

Holy Light, I

walked aimlessly. I

sinned vigorously. I

existed lonely. I

hurt, but I

met you. I

was unaware. I

couldn’t see. I

was blind. I

was deaf. I was dumb. I

hurt, but I

gave in. I

got it. I

got you. I

was changed. I

am changed. I

yielded and I

now follow You,

call upon You,

trust in You,

surrender to You,

trod with You,

sing for You,

serve only You,

listen to You,

cling to You,

write for You,

preach for You,

teach about You,

long for You,

commune with You,

honor only You,

give for You,

exist for You,

look for You,

I love You.

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