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Why Ask for Anything Else? A Prayer for Presence

Lord, sometimes asking seems manipulative. Sometimes we ask, I ask, with ill intentions. Sometimes those ill intentions are buried so far within my soul that it's as if they're part of my DNA. Yet, I know there is a healthier way. I know this. And that is what I want. I know there is a more genuine way. That is what I want. And, so, I'm in a place right now where I can't help but ponder the thought:

Why Ask For Anything Else?

Why Ask For Anything Else,

When I Can Ask For Your Presence?

Your presence is enough.

Your presence is what sustains.

Your presence is what gives meaning.

Your presence is what gives life.

Your presence is what is worth living for.

When I ask for your presence, I realize that it makes asking for anything else just seems absurd and pointless.

I don't need things. I need you.

I don't want things; I want you.

I want your presence.

Lord, will you be a heavy presence in my life?

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