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Whisper "Jesus": A Plea

Help me, O God, to count every person I see as a child of God. Whenever I cast even a glance toward them, help me to see their status as your child. And as Brother Frank, has said, help me to whisper "Jesus" over them. And whenever I hear someone speak, help me to remember to whisper "Jesus" over them. Or, Lord, even before they utter a word, help me to whisper "Jesus" over them. Whenever someone comes to thought, let me not wait, let me not forget, to whisper "Jesus" over them. To every stranger and everyone known, to everyone near and everyone far. Help me, Lord, to infuse the world with holiness in this quiet way. Help me to fill the world with whispers of "Jesus," the name above every name and the name to which every knee shall bow and tongue confess. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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