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What We Shout: A Prayer for Transformation

We shout stupid things, Lord.

We shout in arrogance.

We shout, "Crucify him!"

We shout out of ignorance.

We shout, "Give us Barabbas!"

We shout out of fear.

We shout along with the mob.

We shout at the tops of our lungs.

We shout obscenities as we pass by your cross.

We shout words of mockery: "Save yourself!"

We shout, "Get yourself down, now, Jesus!" We shout, "Come down off that cross, King of the Jews!"

We shout from deep-seated insecurities.

So, please, Lord, forgive us.

Transform our shouts.

Spirit, empower us to shout

Hosannas and Hallelujahs

Maranathas and Majesties

Praises and Pleas.

Transform our shouts, God,

Transform our shouts.


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