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What Can I Add? A Prayerful Inquiry

God, if you are perfect, what can I add to you?

You're perfect in holiness, righteousness, purity,

You're perfect in goodness, truth, and beauty.

And, so, I ask again: What can I add to you?

Anything? Nothing?

I must admit, God, I'm troubled by this question.

I think and think and think. I'm troubled.

On the one hand, I don't think I can add to you.

On the other hand, what's this all about if I can't?

Can I, by being an obedient child, add to your joy?

Can I, by being a holy servant, add to your happiness?

Can I, by being a faithful disciple, add to your pleasure?

Can I, by being an image-of-God bearer, add to your appreciation?

Can I, like Christ empty myself out for you, but...

Not just out for you, but...

Empty myself, my entire being, on you or even in you?

And, if I empty myself out as such, am I not adding to you in some way?

This is a mystery God. I've yet to understand.

What can I add to you, Lord? Anything? Nothing? Everything?

I long to know. Tell me.


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