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We Give To You, O God

We give to you, O God, The Bridge Church

We give to you, everyone who

Listens to a sermon

Watches a service

Attends a gathering

Visits this site

Reads the newsletter

Sees our social media

Gives financial support

Serves this community

Wants the best for this family

Places their membership here

Communes with us

Affirms the truth of Scripture

Longs to be sanctified

Pleads in prayer on our behalf, and

Leads with conviction.

We give to you, O Lord, everyone who has

Tried to cause turmoil

Sought to make church about themselves

Stood against the good work you began in us

Resisted you growing them up

Striven after spiritual milk instead of meat

Belittled our leaders

Gossipped about a brother or sister

Put up barriers to needed change

Closed their eyes to what you're doing

Covered their ears to your voice

Ripped Scripture out of context, and

Broken fellowship with us.

We give to you, O Lord, everyone and everything.

We give you our whole selves, Lord.

In that, God, we ask only for more of you.

We want more of you, God.

And, so, we give everyone and everything we have to you.


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