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Washplant Heart: A Reflective Prayer

Now when I want to pray,

I want to take time, think, write:

gather my thoughts as though

they were fallen leaves to be

reunited into a beautiful pile.

I want to find fitting words for you.

I want to give you the honor you deserve.

Words used to flow quickly from my lips

without much forethought

or even consideration.

I know, God, that you heard my words

and welcomed them.

I’ve never doubted that.

But in the same way that

I step into an elevator and

wait until it climbs to

the appropriate point

and then opens,

I now step into your presence and

wait for a nudge

or until you speak

in only the voice and way that you can,

and I let the words climb to

the appropriate point

and then I open

and pray in turn.

I write.

You, O God, are worth the wait,

for you are worthy of

words rich in thought and

filled with intention.

You are worthy

to receive back

the gift of words

which you have entrusted.

You are worthy of words

like gold sent through

the washplant of a sanctified heart.

It’s slower.

It’s more structured.

It’s deeper.

It’s heart bedrock.

It’s the best I have and

you alone are worthy.


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