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Vagabonds Seeking a Place: A Prayer for The Bridge

Holy Spirit, guide this prayer,

So that, in praying, the will of God be done.

It's difficult some days, God, to feel homeless.

We don't feel orphaned, for we know that,

Under your wing, we dwell. But we are, in a sense, without home.

Sometimes we feel like restless vagabonds.

And so we, The Bridge Church, long to find

A gathering place that we might call home.

We desire a home where we can grow your family.

A home where, first and foremost, your will be done:

to make us holy and share salvation in Christ alone with all.

A home where we can gather around your table,

And invite others in to sup with us. Your will be done!

God, we do not want a place where our will is done. God forbid!

We want a home cultivated and nurtured by you.

We've been wandering. Perhaps we've missed chances.

Lord, forgive us if we have.

But we turn our eyes to you now, O God, but not of our own doing,

Only by your power and graciousness.

We look to you for movement. Your will be done.

We listen to you for how to pray. Your will be done.

Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Your will be done, that we might be Christ's faithful siblings.

Your will be done, that we might inherit the kingdom here and now as well as ahead.

Your will be done.

We pray for a home, Lord. For land. For something.

Please, provide God, according to your will.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Simply put: In our longing for a home, your will be done.

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