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Unfold Me, God: A Short Plea

For 40 years, God, I've been folded into this world and

This world, folded into me. Enmeshed. Bent. Creased.

This world, like an origami master, has rubbed its

Fingers along my edges, and striven to shape and

Make me in its image. The world has taken its

Hands and, at once, pressed down on me and

Folded me, like a paper crane. It has sought to

Give me wings, wings of paper. And, so, when it

Rains, when it pours, when I'm soaked, I sink. I

Crash. I fold in on myself. I fold into the world

Again. I sit in sin's puddle, crumpled up, soaked.

Folded. But my prayer today, God, is that you would

Unfold me. Uncrumple me. Raise me from the

Puddle. And give me new wings, not to fly by, but to

Dwell in. Allow me, O God, to dwell in the

Shadow of your wings. May your wings be my

Refuge. My fortress. May I sing soaked

Hallelujahs from beneath your wings as you

Unfold me, O God, and remake me in your

Image and likeness, in the shape of you. Amen.

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