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Under My Skin: A Reflective Prayer

God, you have gotten under my skin.

Literally. Beneath the veins and blood and

in between the bones and joints, there you are.

Unseeable by the x-rays but there. Strong.

There, somehow co-habitating with every old

worry, concern, stressor, memory, and hurt.

There, somehow, with every glimmer of hope,

every wish, longing, truth, and imagining.

Every time I breathe or step or turn or glance,

you are in it. Truly, God, you have gotten

under my skin and, through each crack in this

earthen vessel, you shine. Putting the world

on notice that I am yours, that you are mine, and

that you’ve chosen to dwell here. Yes, here.

What a marvel! Thanks be to God. Amen.

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