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This Counts: A Prayer of Realization

As I clicked x to close the email window

I opened another

and turned my attention directly to you

wanting to say something, anything,

with little time to spare before the meeting,

lying here on the couch,

the computer at an awkward angle.

A Thursday of both celebrations and frustrations—

but what should I say? I feel like

I need to squeeze words out,

get something onto the page,

and reach some resolution.

So, here I am, heading off into

prayer’s mysterious lands, once again,

through a keyboard, a partially heavy heart,

but in anticipation and eagerly

relying on the beauty of words

to help me encounter you, God.

As the clock ticks down

and the meeting calls for my attention,

as my wife asks me if the meeting’s still on,

and as Christ plays in ten thousand places,

I realize that here

in this sixth paragraph

I’ve been talking to you all along,

praying, and that

this counts as prayer.

Thanks be to God.

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