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This Beautiful Empty: A Prayer of Praise

Our God, who is in heaven and has brought heaven into us, I have learned today to embrace emptiness. I've become enamored by the thought that the earth, which is full of your glory, is often an invisible glory that can't be seen with our eyes. When we open to look, we see air, space, nothing, a seeming void, emptiness. But, for those to whom you've given eye to see, it's a beautiful empty. We need not see any "thing," yet we know you are present. We need not hear any "thing," yet we know you are there. We need not even feel any "thing," yet we know you are in the thick of it all. Never before, O God, have I wanted to be like that. Empty. Empty but full of you. A void, but not void of you. Poured out, but overflowing with you. What a beautiful empty, Lord. I pray for that. I seek that. Help me to be an empty space, God, full of your glory. In the hallowed name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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