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The Old Palace: A Recollective Prayer

Father, when I was a kid, I remember visiting a castle, an old palace. It was fortified with stone and nestled along a river. It had winding steps and Medieval windows. It had hiding places and chambers. It was mysterious and cool to each breath. When I stood in it, I was overcome with awe. Antiquity encompassed me. Lord, I thank you for that memory. But I also thank you for reminding me that, deep within, a greater palace exists, an interior palace. My heart palace, a castle in your domain. A palace inhabited by you and situated within the bounds of your reign. In it, God, you fortify and strengthen me. In it, God, you fill me with the rivers of life. In it, God, you ascend and descend the winding steps, always moving about. You open its windows, fill its hiding places, and discover its chambers. The mystery of your presence flows and gives live to each breath. In it, God, you stand and make me to be overcome with awe. You, God, O Ancient of Days, encompass me. You are the King of kings in this old palace, this interior heart, which is now your heart. Thank you. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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