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The O’o: A Prayer of Recognition

God, I had never heard of “The O’o” until Uncle Ray brought one over. It was heavy. Strong. Lethal. A spear on another level. He took it, lunged at the roots with it, and dug. It is “The Digging Tool,” after all. Simple but powerful. Recently, Uncle Ray stopped by. He wanted to give me the O’o. He passed it on to me saying, “Pastor, I guess my yard-working days are over. I’m too old to use this anymore.” He relied on the O’o to get the job done, to do his digging, to uproot. And I can’t help but think, Spirit, that you are the Divine O’o. We long to pass you on to others. Only by you do we get the job done that’s before us. You dig in us and uproot that which is so easily entangles. You are the Divine O’o. Thanks be to God.

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