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The Key: A Prayer of Invitation

Here’s the key, God. Come on in.

Let me show you around this life of mine.

Over here is the somewhat organized but

occasionally foggy and cluttered heart-mind.

And over here is my past—some of it I am

rather proud of and some it, well, I’d prefer

it be left alone, forgotten. That’s the past.

If you turn your attention over here, this is

where I tend to keep my hopes, futures, goals,

dreams, and the like. See that over there?

If you want to know about my relationships,

all the broken ones, the ones still intact, the

ones hanging by a thread, those from days

gone by, you can have a look. If you

come over here, be careful, my emotions

are notorious for tangles. But that’s where

they are. There’s a lot to see here. I could

spend a lifetime, I suppose, showing you ‘round.

But here’s the key, God, come on in. Let me know

what you think. Take what you want, no questions

asked. But if you have questions, by all means,

feel free to ask. Keep the key. It’s yours for good.

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