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The God Who Can't: A Short Prayer

God, I love this about you:

You loved us enough to limit yourself in certain ways.

You loved us enough to be a God who can't.

Who can't:


Not exist,


Not be God,

Undo the past,

Not be holy,

Force someone to believe, and/or


There so much you can do.

But there's so much you can't.

And that's how you've made it.

Indeed, that's how you want it.

And. That. Blows. My. Mind.

Many, for some odd reason, find it discomforting to admit what you've so readily proven: That, indeed, some things are too difficult for you, Lord. Namely, anything that jeopardizes your nature or character. So, with utter boldness and sheer joy, I thank you, God, for limiting yourself in these ways. For it puts on full display, your sovereignty. It reveals that you are, indeed, God. Thank you for being a God who can and can't. Amen.

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