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The Goal: A Prayerful Reminder To Self

God, I'm praying this prayer to you, but I know also that it's a reminder to me. Perhaps, mostly, it's a reminder to me. I hope that's okay. I'm reflecting today, Lord, on life. What is the point? What is the goal? You've shown me: It is to do your will. That's it. Moment by moment, to do your will. And, so, God, help me with that. Spirit, help me, moment by moment, for the rest of my life, to do your will. If the balance right now is my will 95% and your will 5%, in the next moment, Spirit, help my will to be 94% and your will 6%. Dissipate this desire in me to do my will. Breathe into me this unceasing desire to do yours. So that, moment by moment, I might please you and know you more. Not just know about you, but know you. I want to stand before you at the end of every day, God, not just at the end of this life, and be able to say just as you said, Jesus, "Today, it was not my will that was done, but yours." Amen.

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