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Tent Here: A Plea

Creator God,

Sustainer God,

God among us, and

God with us:

May we rest in your presence today and every day.

May we be mindful of the fact that, when the body of our Lord, Jesus Christ,

Was given and transgressed against,

When it had its last shot of breath flowing through it,

No longer did we need his physical body,

That beautiful incarnate body,

Because, from that point,

Our hope was made present in the indwelling of the Spirit.

Intimacy was reached on a new level.

And you, O Spirit, became our closest friend.

Our "Bosom-Friend," as Nouwen once said.

Like Cleopas and his friend, may you open us up to the realization that, a life in the Spirit's presence, is a new life. A life that is radically different. Come, Holy Spirit, and tent among us. Make us yours.

In the name of

The Father,

The Son, and

The Holy Spirit.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

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