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Some Hopes: A Prayer of Reflection

It’s easy to lose a bit of hope here and there these days, God. But I still have some. I still hope, Jesus, that you will make good on your promise—that you will, indeed, return for the Church, your bride. I hope, Spirit, that you will continue to help me discern glimpses of your presence and to be perceptive. I hope, Father, that it is true that we don’t live according to the promises we make—broken or kept—but by your vast grace. I hope that the church will stand her ground, be faithful, and steadfast. I hope that she will not cower in the face of threats or elevate unity to the status of an idol. I hope that my kids will grow up and remain committed to you, God. I hope that your sons and daughters will raise their level of commit to you. I hope that the Scriptures will be studied with diligence, preached with creativity, fervor, and backbone. I hope that the colleges, universities, seminaries, and various schools bearing your name (or some semblance of it) will stand as cities on a hill in their communities. I hope I am doing a good job of stewarding all that has been entrusted to me. I hope our small congregation can reach many on this island. I hope that, one day, I will be wholly infatuated by what you want and what you think of me. These are some of my hopes, God. Amen.

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