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Should Stains: A Confession

God, I looked at myself in the mirror today.

When I did, I saw myself covered in "should."

I was riddled with "should" stains.

There was "should" all over me, top to bottom.

I "should" have been honest.

I "should" have kept going.

I "should" have been faithful.

I "should" have repented.

I "should" have kept calm.

I "should" have prayed.

I "should" have surrendered.

I "should" have tried harder.

I "should" have been kinder.

I "should" have done this,

I "should" have done that.

I "should" have gone here,

I "should" have gone there.

"Should" everywhere. Everywhere.

I'm tired of being covered in "should."

So, I'm seeking you now, Lord.

You said that all who "would" come to you,

You "would" take their heavy burdens.

Oh, Lord, that you "would," right now.

I give them to you. All my regrets,

All my failures, faults, flaws, I give to you.

There's nobody else who "could" take them.

Only you. Now, Lord, when I look in the mirror,

May I see your love and light,

Spirit may you cover me and cleanse me.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


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