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Self to Find: A Confession

Lord, I know I need to lose my "self." But, when I've abandoned myself to you. When I've become totally lost in you, in your presence, in your vastness, I believe it's there that I'll find me. In you I have self to find. And, in you alone can my "self," my true "self," be found. So help me find me by finding you. Help me to notice you deep within and deep without. Although it might not seem like it, God, my deepest yearning is to find me so I can find you. I confess: I can't do it on my own. In your prevenient grace, God, lead me to me so that, ultimately, I'm led to you. Lead me away from everything that presents a false me, a false sense of me, a false you, or a false sense of you. Of all the things I might seek in this world, it is you I want to find and where better to start than within myself? Help me Lord. Help me. Amen.

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