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Search History: A Confession

God, I looked into your search history today. What I found shocked me. A scandalous image from several years back reveals a scene of me, broken and ready to thrown in the towel. But you looked me up, searched for me, and found me. A video from not so long ago, almost too embarrassing to share, would raise many eyebrows. There I am, losing it. A man who appears to have stepped out of his identity in Christ to be someone less. And there you are, right here beside me. Your search history shows the same url right after that, a moment later—a refreshing of the page, as it were. On it, I look totally different. Rescued. Found. Then there’s the site everyone would talk about if they knew. The site where I fell right on my face. And, yet again, there you are, in the background approaching. Your search results were successful. Your search history is rich in stories of forgiveness and redemption. Thanks be to you, O God!

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