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Scrambled: A Reflective Prayer

Some days, God, I feel messde up, like I can't even splle or tlak.

Some days, God, I feel scrabmled, I mean scrambled.

My mind is in the fog. Head is in the clouds.

Tripping over my feet. Falling on my face.

Tongue-twisted. Arm-twisted. All twisted up.

Some days, God, are tough...even in Australia...even in Hawai'i.

So, today, God, I'm asking that you'll help me find you in the scramble.

No need to invite you into it, right? Aren't you already here?

If so, God, then let me find you. And you find me.

And, then, God, unscramble me. Put me back together.

Bring shalom--peace and wholeness.

In this moment, that's what I need. You're what I need.


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