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Save Me From & For: A Plea

Holy God, I pray today, as I work out my salvation with fear and trembling before you, that you would save me. Mostly, I pray that you would save me from me. I confess, Lord, that I get in the way...a lot! I'm sorry. Sincerely, I'm sorry. My thoughts get me off track. My emotions betray me. My (re)actions reveal my shallowness. My jealousies display my immaturity. My longings remind me how far I often am from you. My will distracts me. My attention misleads me. My intentions tangle me. My insecurities unravel me. My own understanding confuses me. My lack of trust discourages me. So, yeah, Lord, save me from me.

And save me for you. Save me for caring for your creation. Save me for the sharing of your good news. Save me for serving in your name. Save me for the work of your kingdom. Save me for union with you. Save me for being an arbiter of reconciliation. Save me for tending to your sheep. Save me for being your church. Save me for that great wedding day ahead. Save me for answering your call. Save me for being a preacher of Scripture. Save me for giving the Spirit more to work with. Save me for keeping Jesus at the center. Save me for bringing about biblical justice wherever my feet may go. Save me from me. And save me for you. Amen.

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