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Saturate Me: A Plea

God, this morning I saw the leafy plant after the heavy rain. It was saturated. The driveway, it was flooding. Saturated. The windshield, the lady's jacket, the man's hair...all saturated. I looked out the window to the neighbor downhill and her gutters, they were full...saturated. The hard ground turned soft. It was saturated. The dogs, when they came back in, were dripping. Saturated. In one moment, Lord, in one rain, everything was covered. Saturated. And you spoke. You taught me. And my heart-mind began to be saturated. And you created a yearning in me for more. More saturation. Like the plant and driveway and windshield, Lord, saturate me with a downpour of your presence. Saturate me with the weighty drops of your love. Saturate me with your joy and gladness. Saturate me Spirit, with the life of Christ. And when all look my direction, may they see a soaked man, saturated with you, that they may long for the same. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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