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Re-Praying Psalm 1

Raise me up, God, like you raised up King David.

1:1 Put in me Davidic-like discernment, that I might not seek or take advice from your enemies. This will be a blessing, Lord. Strengthen me, Upright Spirit, that I might not walk the paths of sinners. This will be a blessing, Lord. Seat me before your throne, my King, that I remain ever before it at your feet rather than in the assemblies and gatherings of scoffers.

1:2 Lord, help me to hide your Law in my heart; what a pleasure it is to yield to it. It is neither a burden, Lord, nor my salvation. Yet, it is a delight to obey it, to meditate on it from the moment my head leaves the pillow until it returns.

1:3 You alone, God, raised David up. He bloomed. Like a tree planted in fertile territory, by the waters, he rose. Help me bloom and flourish, to bear fruit that feeds your people. May my leaves, signs of life and growth and being sustained, never fall. May my branches point up and my leaves be a sign of your presence. Whatever I do, Lord, may it be your will so that it might succeed.

1:4 May the wicked fall to the wayside and those who refuse to do your will be sifted like chaff. May they recognize the futility of their ways and utter un-usefulness of their lives and turn to you.

1:5 They cannot withstand judgment, that is, the consequences of their sin. If you do not hold them at bay, they are done. If you step away and your wrath, that is, your absence is invoked, there is no way they can join your people.

1:6 But your will be done, Lord. Guard me. Guard my ways. Let me not walk in the ways of the wicked, but deliver me from evil.

Raise me up, God, like you raised up King David.


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