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Praying with Psalm 99

“Yahweh our God, You answered them, a God forgiving you were to them, though You took vengeance upon their bad deeds.” -Psalm 99:8

Yahweh You answer Your children, and You have taken vengeance on our bad actions, and You have born that vengeance on the cross we could not carry. Now You teach us to carry the cross of our neighbor. You answer our desire for life, for goodness, our pursuit of happiness with a command to pick up our cross and carry it daily. As You carried not Your cross, but mine, so I ought to carry the cross of my love. Jesus I confess that I do not have the strength of patience, long suffering and love to carry such a noble and beautiful weight. Lord answer my cry for your life and love, strength, patience and long suffering over my spirit, soul, body, heart, mind, and will that I may love as You love. Amen.

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