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Praying with Psalm 98

“Yahweh has made known his salvation, in the sight of the nations He has revealed His righteousness.” -Psalm 98:2 Father You have shown us Your salvation, Your ‘yesu-atow’ in Yeshua, Jesus the Christ. That Your saving might restore our relationship with You, with others, with ourselves, and with the land. You breathed life into the dirt and became man, and walked right into the arena to face the lions using only what we had available to us. You came and loved us in the midst of our sin. You came and ate with us in the midst of our prison. You came and wept with us in the midst of our loss. This is perfect love, perfect righteousness, true salvation, True Yeshua. Please rescue us and restore our every relationship with You, with others, and especially with ourselves. We have hated ourselves and denied ourselves healing, redemption, and love. Rescue us, save us from our self-perpetuating lies, break down our doors, and lay siege to our hearts with Your perfect love. Amen.

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