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Praying with Psalm 97

“Clouds and darkness surround Him, righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne.” -Psalm 97:2 What can I possibly claim to know? All the clouds that have ever moved over this earth since its creation could barely cover a speck of Your glory. There is so much more than the clouds of ten thousand planets spanning ten thousand years could ever veil of Your infinite beauty and goodness. Your justice leads all things to a right relationship with You, even by Your own suffering in the foundation of Your throne. Forgive my unbelief Lord, but be gracious to us for we do not see but are struggling to believe behind enemy lines. Show us Your goodness. Show us how perfect love will cast out all fear. Show us restored relationships here and now. Show us love conquering all that hinders us from knowing You, and loving one another. Show us Your glory! Or will You be veiled forever? Forgive me if I ask too much, at least give us the glory and bread to make one more step in love, towards love, and for love. Amen.

For further devotion please listen to Show Me Your Glory by Brandon Lake, feat. Leeland

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