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Praying with Psalm 96

“Give to Yahweh, families of every nation, give to Yahweh glory and strength.” -Psalm 96:7 All glory belongs to You God, we have but to respond to it, and by responding, receiving. And by receiving, returning what You first gave. How can I return except by becoming what You meant when You made me? How can I become without Your discipline, instruction, and chastising? How can I surrender to these without Your holy community the Church? How can I be saved apart from all of these? You are the Living God, and what You meant by me is to be alive, fully living in all that You have designed. Lord, let nothing hinder, let my glory be a resurrection within me for Your name’s sake, for Your Church, for this nation and the next until all the universe is full of Your glory, Your sons and daughters fully alive. Amen. "The glory of God is man fully alive." -St. Irenaeus

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