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Praying with Psalm 95

“They are a people who go astray in their hearts.” -Psalm 95:10 Beneath the body lies the mind, beneath the mind resides the heart, and the roots of that great mountain range deep within is our desire. What holds up the great heart of man and can move him, is his desire. Even as Your children went astray in the wilderness, You did not leave them. Though we turn our face from You, and You never force us to turn back nor force Your countenance upon us - You are always there. No matter how far we wander, the moment we turn around we will always find You waiting with a ring and a robe when we come home to You. Father God, let our desires be rooted in You, that our hearts, and our minds, and our bodies be ever aimed at You. For You are our promised land, You are heaven, You are the heart’s true desire. Amen. For further devotion in song please listen to Ring and Robe (Welcome Home) by Dante Bowe

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