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Praying with Psalm 94

“Blessed is the man whom You instruct and chastise, YAH.” -Psalm 94:12 Blessed is the one You chastise, for who you chastise, You purify, and who You purify - You make beautiful. Lord, forgive me for clinging to my dross, for finding my dirty face so familiar as to seem safe. I want to be holy, I desire beauty, but my inner scandal is this: It feels safe to be stuck with all my bad habits. They seek to comfort me when I’m lonely, and hold me and numb me when I’m hurt. Lord if water won’t finish the work then send Your fire until all that is not of “Love’s kind” is destroyed, and my name can become beautiful, loving, patient, long suffering. This, is holiness, this is the true blessing, true happiness, real, utter, rich goodness. Until all evil within is destroyed, and with it shame - let Your fire burn. Amen. For further devotion in song please listen to Glorious Day by Phil Wickham

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