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Praying with Psalm 93

“Mightier than the roar of many waters and mightier than the waves of the sea is Yahweh, seated on high.” -Psalm 93:4 The tsunami is a drop in Your bucket, a thousand trillion gallons in its wave are but a vapor upon Your breath. What flood could be Your equal? What storm could match Your might? With a word, “Siōpa, pephimōso,” silence, be still - the winds and waves obey. Nations and governments can not withstand the tsunami wave, how much more can they withstand You? How much more can any struggle of mine hold out against the strength of Your infinite grace? Your goodness, truth, and beauty will have its way till all that is broken is set right, all that is hurt is healed, and all that has become ugly will be made beautiful forevermore. You have done it, do it again Lord, even so - maranatha - come Lord Jesus, come. Amen.

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