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Praying with Psalm 87

“Yahweh will record when He registers the peoples ‘this one was born there.’ Selah.” -Psalm 87:6 Lord God, You are our Father. The orphan has a home in You. Whether Africa, Samoa, North Korea or North America, in You we are born in Zion. Whether born in an orphanage, born into abuse, born into violence, born into molestation or neglect - we have our birth certificates rewritten: This one was born in the kingdom, she is a citizen, a co-heir to our Elder Brother, Christ Jesus. Come, enter your Father’s joy, here is your inheritance, here is home. Lord for those still running, for those still lost, give Your Church this song for the nations, ‘come, welcome home, this is our Father’s house.' Amen. For further devotion in song listen to Ring and Robe (Welcome Home) by Dante Bowe

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