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Praying with Psalm 85

“Mercy and truth have met together, righteousness and peace have kissed.” -Psalm 85:10 Only You Lord are eternally reliable, the unchanging but ever-beautiful One. We are met with Your steadfast love showing mercy where we have failed. That which never changes, changes us. You have brought us into a right relationship where shalom is our inheritance, where deep flourishing flows and springs up with healing and fulness of life. Let truth and mercy meet, and let righteousness and peace embrace here, now, in the land of the living. Let them be a balm, a spring of healing in the spirit, soul and body, heart, mind, and will of Your people. Let Your future kingdom be established a little more than yesterday, and a little more tomorrow, until all come fully alive, fullness of peace, fullness of shalom. Amen.

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