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Praying with Psalm 83

“Fill their faces with shame that they may seek Your name, Yahweh.” -Psalm 83:16 Have we lost our shame Lord? That state which brings us to Your judgement, burns all that is not of “Love’s kind” within us? We seek Your name so that the wicked may be put to Your judgement, and Your judgement is this: an end to greed, violence, coercion, cheating, emotional - physical - psychological and sexual abuse. You love the prodigal, but You also love the brother who could not bear Your mercy for his wickedness. Which son am I Lord? If You are forbearing, let me be forbearing. If I seek shame for the enemies of women and children, Lord also bring me to shame that I may seek Your name too, until all evil within me is burnt up in Your all consuming fire. Amen.

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