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Praying with Psalm 82

“How long will You judge unjustly!? How long will You show partiality to the wicked? Selah.” -Psalm 82:2 How long will hard work be rewarded with mere survival? How long must struggle be endured by good hearts without rest? How many years must trauma, fear, anxiety, and compulsion keep Your children from finding and accepting love? How long must we wait for the end of human trafficking? The end of rape, and murder, when will it be? How long will liars and cheats have their fill while Your children struggle to make end’s meet? How long Lord will You let the wicked thrive!? Tell my soul the goodness of the Lord is coming here and now to the land of the living, speak to my heart, show me that I am Yours, show us that we are Your inheritance! Amen.

For further devotion in song listen to I Believe by Jonathan David Helser

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