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Praying with Psalm 79

“Speedily let Your tender mercies come to meet us, for we have been brought very low.” -Psalm 79:8 No matter how low we fall, nor deep we dig, however long the sentence that hangs on our heads, there is no length that Your tender mercy, Your compassion, Your suffering with us and for us can not reach. You have traded Your royal robes for our prison clothes, ate with sinners in their sin, and waited for us and with us through every disappointment, every compulsion, every binge, every addiction, offering us freedom while refusing to leave our jail cell without us. To say You are good is to say the universe is big - we have no measure of the height nor depth, breadth, or width to Your goodness. Yet only one drop from Your table can change a life, and transform the cosmos. I love You Lord, I love You because You have loved me right in my prison, please love me out of prison too. Amen.

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