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Praying with Psalm 78

“Can God prepare a table in the wilderness?” -Psalm 78:19 Will I recognize the devil’s voice when I am the one speaking? Can I hear his tone in the stories I tell myself? He has asked only one question a thousand ways. “Can you really trust God?” Then I am ready to believe every devaluing lie about my worth, my identity, and my destiny. “This is all I deserve.” No, Lord, Your heart is good, and You have proved it again and again by preparing a table for me in the prison of my compulsions, in the jail cell of my addictions You sit by me dressed in my prison clothes. Lord God tear the teeth from the lion, never let me echo the words of my enemy but remember, trust, and open myself up to Your love. Clothe me in the family quilt of Christ’s worthiness once more. Amen. For further devotion in song listen to No Longer Slaves by Jonathan David & Melissa Helser


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