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Praying with Psalm 71

“But I continually will hope and more and more upon all manner will praise You yet.” -Psalm 71:14 Will I long only for today? Will I wait only for the next adventure or vacation? Will my hope only stretch out to the next hike, the next dive, the next ride? If I have been consumed by the next embrace as my ultimate hope surely Your praise has left my lips. You have already commanded my rescue, and the rescue of all nations. Only You are our hope God, for Your rescue was sent, Jesus Christ, our Living Hope. Let all my little hopes be seasoned with longing for Your kingdom, Your restoration, and the final tear wiped from the hurt of our eyes. Lord Jesus Christ You have done it, and You will accomplish every good thing in us when You return. Our Hope is Your gift, may we have more and more till Your praises flow into every part of our spirits, souls, and bodies, and every iota of our hearts, minds and wills.


For further devotion in song listen to Living Hope by Phil Wickham

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