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Praying with Psalm 7

“Yahweh, my God, if I have done this, if there is iniquity in my hands, if I have repaid to him who was at peace with me, my friend, evil, or have plundered my enemy without cause - let the enemy pursue me and overtake me, and yes let him trample my life to the earth and my honor and glory in the dust lay. Selah.” -Psalm 7:3-5

Is there forgiveness without justice? Is there healing without suffering? Is there reunion without separation? Lord let me receive whatever reward I so deserve, for my love is not perfect, it is not patient, it is short tempered, it is self seeking. Teach my lips to sing Your blessings where I have cursed both enemy and beloved that have hurt me. Let never a thought pass before me where I do not bless them by Your Spirit. Where I have failed to forgive, let justice fall, where healing is needed for my sin, the grace to suffer well, where there is separation - the patience to endure and surrender all desire to You, and bless You by blessing them. Amen.

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