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Praying with Psalm 65

“You are awaiting praise, O God, in Zion.” -Psalm 65:1 And Your beauty goes on as before, like ocean waves no soul can count nor measure. Like the light of sunrise, You bless Your inheritance again and again and again. You are there in the warmth of the horse’s breath, in the play of their every step and sway. Your glory rises in the dust kicked up by every hoof fall, and Your love bursts through each dust cloud illuminated by the setting sun. Your goodness is in a long awaited embrace, the tenderness of a kiss, the might of the mountains, and is lavished upon the sea as light shoots through its depths in hundreds of beams like dancing wind chimes. Is there no good thing that is not shouting Your praise? Is it not a mass choir of beauty and glory inviting us all to join this eternal dance, this eternal song? Father, Son, and Spirit, let me never have You awaiting Your praise as long as I draw breath. Amen. For further devotion listen to The Color Green by Rich Mullins.

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