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Praying with Psalm 61

“So I will sing praise to Your name that I may perform my vows.” -Psalm 61:8

Lord Your heart is filled with praise, Your praise is life in the eternal dance of the Holy Three. Always before us, and will be forever. How can I be kind and patient, loving and slow to anger without Your life? Oh God I need patience, I need Your love working in and through me always. There is no vow I can make, and live and love daily without You. Teach my heart to sing Your praises for I need Your life more than my next breath. Let my heart join Your heart of worship so I may be a more consistently patient and loving man through not only my fears and anxieties, but give me a love constant through the fears and anxieties of those whom I love so dearly. Amen. For further devotion in song listen to Glorious Day sung by Phil Wickham

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