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Praying with Psalm 56

“You number my wanderings, You put my tears into Your bottle, are they not in Your book?” -Psalm 56:8 Lest I forget, Adonai my Adonai, You are for me. What can one more rejection do? If ten more abandon me without a word, leave without a sound or aloha - what is one more scar if You are for me? Every path I’ve wandered, every soul I have done my best to pursue in love and empathy, You have seen them all, have kept them deep in Your heart. No tear falls without Your hand ready to catch, no dashed hope pierces the heart that has not pierced You. Yahweh, my Yahweh keep my wanderings until I wander home to You, until the last tear is wiped - lest I forget - You are for me. Now and forever. Amen.

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