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Praying with Psalm 50

“Every beast of the forest is Mine. -Psalm 50:10 Lord I confess, I have nothing.

If I brought You a lei of welcome,

You could show me ten-thousand gardens. Every flower is Yours.

If I brought You a song of praise,

You would show me every note has its spring in You. You own the very air that carries the sound,

Even the air I breathe.

The riches bought by my work are Yours,

For You formed my hands,

And even my mind in my mother’s womb.

What can I offer that is not already Yours? Lord Adonai, I confess, I have nothing.

Though I bring the smallest thanks,

Please work in me a life lived in gratitude,

For without You, I am nothing,

And You, O God, are everything. Amen.

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