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Praying with Psalm 48

“He will be our guide, even to death.” -Psalm 48:14 What can I create, what can I build, what can I achieve that will not be loss to me one day? Will I not leave all these to be praised or ridiculed? Only that which is eternally made will eternally stay. So what loss should I fear? For You O God are my guide through all these attachments, even to their end for me, even to death. Therefore, since Christ has made a way, let me cast every endeavor, sow every seed without fear or trepidation. Let all I am, and all I do be lost save that which is made to say, “the kingdom of God is coming, the kingdom of God is here.” Let my life be a signpost pointing the way, that all who come my way will move on to the One who is greater than I as all oceans are greater than a single drop. Amen. Worship song for further devotion: Endless Ocean (Live) by Jonathan David Helser

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