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Praying with Psalm 31

“Oh love Yahweh” -Psalm 31:23

Around every corner, every turn of life there lies the threat: things will fall apart. The work will dry up, the relationship fail, and all relationships may end in utter abandonment - but You O God are faithful, and my days are in Your hand. Your goodness opens up before Your children as a shack opens to an endless wilderness overflowing with beauty. Without Your presence we are lost indoors without key and without handle. In Your presence is all the good I desire. Help me to find You, and abide in You. The way must be love, so God help me to love You more than yesterday, and more than today. I love You Yahweh, heart, soul and mind. I love You Adonai. Holy Spirit I love You. Jesus I love You. Father God I love You, I love You, I love You. Amen.

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