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Praying with Psalm 30

"And give thanks at the remembrance of His holy [name]" -Psalm 30:4

Can I praise You, O Lord, in perpetual poverty? Am I able to remember You in endless wealth? Will I cry to You only in weakness,

and forget Your name in strength? If I clothe myself in acts of holiness, will I say I am good without You? Even as You let me fail on my own strength, You have caught me, as many miles that bridge east from west, You have remembered me not as I am,

but as You have created me to be.

Lord light Your eternal fire on my mind that I might remember You, at every turn of every rock and tree, every mountain, street and stream

-that it is Your breath in me, and with all my being return that breath gratefully. Mahalo nui, merci, gracias, and grazi. Amen.

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